Low cost housing


moladi Formwork





Updated 28 October 2018



House Production Process

moladi Formwork

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Low cost housing
  1. Position raft foundation former
  2. Dig Foundation trenches
  3. Place underlay and reinforcing according to Engineer design and cast dense concrete
  4. Power float slab
  5. Erect moladi plastic shutter formwork
  6. Place plumbing and electrical pipes-window and door frames - reinforcing - roof truss blockouts - 4 hours.
  7. Fill moladi formwork with mortar (concrete without stone), either by bucket or pump - 2 hours
  8. Remove the moladi formwork the following day.
  9. Fix Ceiling, roof, electrical wiring, paint glaze, etc.
  10. Complete

moladi Formwork

low cost housing


low cost housing

plastic formwork

  • moladi concrete formwork erected ready to be filled with mortar or concrete without stone, building low cost houses
  • moladi low cost housing system

moladi plastic formwork

moladi plastic formwork

  • moladi plastic concrete formwork system filled by bucket and local labour or the concrete formwork can also be filled by pumping the mix
  • moladi low cost housing formwork system

cast concrete housing system

cast in situ

  • strip moladi plastic concrete formwork construction system
  • Re-use moladi concrete formwork and repeat process
  • moladi low cost housing technology supplier

low cost housing

low cost housing

  • Re-use moladi concrete formwork and repeat process

  • moladi low cost housing construction building technology supplier

  • low cost housing


Low cost housing construction examples

One of the important principles under a lean production paradigm is termed ‘lean assembly’. This refers to simplifying the process of assembly through industrialisation, modularisations, standardisation, and continuous flow processes.  The reduction of operations required for a production process means less chance of the occurrence of errors, waste and rework. This follows from the same logic that the fewer the number of operations, the higher the quality of the product and a predictive timeline, resulting in cost savings. 

moladi plastic concrete formwork system technology provides and assists with the full range of requirements involved in the transfer and use of a proven low construction cost housing technology.  We supply technology and support transfer of know-how to empower individuals to achieve worth, by meaningful action to raise those at the “bottom of the pyramid” to a higher level, supplying low cost housing technology. Low construction cost - not poor quality.

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low cost housing