Japan tsunami

Earthquake Proof Building, Earthquake Resistant Structures | Design Engineering

Earthquake proof building and tsunami resistant structures design engineering


moladi Earthquake proof Construction Formwork system


New village after Tsunami reconstruction

New village after Earthquake and Tsunami reconstruction


About moladi

  • Patented Building System designed in 1986
  • Trademark moladi


Uses of moladi Earthquake Resistant building system

  • Build double storey
  • Construct multi storey
  • Construct walls fast
  • Socially Sustainable Development Programme
  • Village life after tsunami
  • Earthquake Resistant building system
  • Tsunami resistant building system
  • Help Japan rebuild after tsunami


Earthquake Proof Building

moladi Tsunami proof Construction Formwork system


Prefab structures float

Japan - Prefab structures and timber framed houses float and the debris gives more devastation powers to the tsunami wave

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Japan earthquakeUpdated -07 November 2015