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Core Housing Construction Building system

About - Core Construction Formwork

  • Patented Building System designed in 1986
  • Trademark moladi


Uses of moladi Wall Construction Formwork

  • Build low cost core homes
  • Build low cost core houses
  • Build low cost classrooms
  • Build double storey
  • Construct multi storey earthquake proof structures
  • Construct walls fast
  • Construction system
  • Use building rubble

NO to...

  • No precast panels
  • No expensive shipping
  • No waste
  • No skilled labour
  • No cranes
  • No SIPS
  • No Polystyrene
  • No EPS


Core shelter homes

moladi Construction Formwork

moladi provides and assists with the full range of requirements involved in the transfer and use of a proven core housing technology.  We supply construction technology and support transfer of know-how to empower individuals to achieve worth, by meaningful action to raise those at the “bottom of the pyramid” to a higher level.

Description - Core Housing | Core Housing Solution | Earthquake proof Wall construction

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