Construction process | Building process | House building process


day one

step 1


start - 11:00


building process

formwork construction process

  • moladi form is delivered to the site.
    Area = 74m²
    Mass = 550kg
    Volume = 4m³


  • house construction building process

  • start the erection of moladi

  • panels are assembled by general labourers to form the mould/kit of the desired house plan.

step 2



construction process

construction process

  • internal panels are erected.

  • window frames and block-outs (WinBloc) are positioned.

  • mesh and reinforcing details are placed according to engineer specifications.

  • external panels are then erected.

  • construction process


step 3



construction process

Building construction process

  • door frames and block-outs (DoorBloc) are positioned.

  • erection of moladi completed. (4 hours)

  • with only four labourers speeding up the  construction building process.


finish - 15:00


step 4

start - 15:00



concrete housing

Concrete housing  construction process

  • four labourers are needed to manually fill the wall cavity with 3.4m³ of an aerated mortar mixture.

  • pour is completed (2 hours)

  • Building construction process speeded up


finish - 17:00


set to challenge the tradition bound construction industry


day two

step 1


start - 07:00



plastic shutter formwork

plastic shutter formwork


  • moladi formwork is removed.

  • panel being moved weighs less than 30kg

  • (3.84m² X 8kg/m²) and can immediately be re-erected on the next foundation.

  • removing the moladi formwork complete.    (2 hours)

finish - 09:00




step 2


construction process

building construction process

  • structure can be painted with a cementitious water based textured paint as soon as moladi is removed.

  • oil or water based paint can also be used at a later stage.


step 3


construction process

building construction process

  • walls are 1.5 to 2.0 mPa strong with an ultimate strength of 10 to 20mPa, achieved in 28 days, depending on the mix design of the mortar (C:W Ratio)
  • engineer certified roof is constructed.

step 4


construction process

construction building process

  • final finishing’s, such as plumbing and electrical fittings, are completed.

  • building structure is now ready for occupation.


Building Construction process - production cycle completed in an 8 hour day

erect moladi

 - 4 hours
fill moladi   - 2 hours
remove moladi the next day  - 2 hours

Construction process

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construction process | building process | house building process - moladi speed of housing construction building process

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