Cimbras | Coffrage | Schalung| Encofrados

Cimbras | Coffrage | Schalung | Encofrados



has been supplying its comprehensive Cimbras - coffrage - Schalung construction system, of which the Cimbras or coffrage - Schalung is merely a constituent of this technology, for the past 23 years. As a result, we do not simply supply modular plastic Cimbras - coffrage - Schalung, but a holistic building technology, that has been specifically designed and is proven too benefit the end user with its simplicity and ease of use.

has developed a Cimbras - coffrage - Schalung system to construct durable structures of quality in the shortest possible time.

This Cimbras or coffrage or Schalung system has developed into a construction technology that addresses seven key challenges embodied in the low cost and affordable housing shortages facing developing countries namely:
  • lack of resources
  • insufficient funds
  • skills shortage
  • time constraint
  • work flow control
  • time constraints
  • waste
  • Special Cimbras/coffrage
The patented Cimbras -coffrage - Schalung technology is cost effective due to its repetitive application. It is affordable due to the fact that the Cimbras/coffrage/Schalung is used on a repetitive basis for up to 50 reuses per kit; this results in the cost of the Cimbras/coffrage/Schalung being amortized over the construction of 50 units.

Cimbras | Coffrage | Schalung | Encofrados

Cimbras | Coffrage | Schalung | Encofrados moladi

  • Holistic building technology
  • Ease of use
  • Monolithic reinforced walling system
  • Fast track, cost effective, transferable construction technology
  • Use as cimbras, Schalung, Encofrados, Formaletas, Formas, Moldes, moladi, casa costo del encofrado, cubierta bajo, sistema concreto, plástico del edificio, formwork, coffrage

- Cimbras - coffrage/Schalung construction system

Cimbras coffrage


Updated 19 December 2014