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Build a house

moladi is the world's leading house building construction technology - Build a house - Low cost homes - Building system - Construction experts are advocating for intensive and extensive adoption of innovation and low cost technology in a bid to significantly reduce the cost of materials and building processes. This is required in order to produce significant numbers of built houses

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Build a house - House building system

Build a house 

Build a house 

Need to build a low cost house quickly? Or build a lot of affordable houses quickly to shelter a growing population? This plastic moladi mold formwork is filled with cement and sand, with plumbing, electricity, window, and door frames placed "between the formwork." The shell of the house is ready overnight. Speed of building reduces cost of housing.

Build a house

Building system to produce houses | Build a house

The main idea: A very quick construction system. "The question is whether conventional building methods are able to cope with the ever-increasing demand for quality homes," says Moladi founder Hennie Botes.


moladi | house building

"Due to the simplicity of the house building method, construction techniques and skills can be transferred in a short time. In this way, the communities benefit from affordable shelter and entrepreneurs are skilled at the same time, creating employment," Botes says.


Build a house


How to build a house

The plastic formwork, which is reusable, goes up in four hours and is filled with the mortar mix in about two hours. The walls are set on reinforced floating raft foundations. The raft foundations are left to cure for three to seven days before the formwork is erected and filled. Adding roof, windows, and doing some painting takes another three days. A
moladi solution to the production of low cost affordable housing and other structures in general.

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Build a house




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