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moladi frequently asked questions?



how much does a house cost? - how long is a piece of string?

depends on the  finishes?
how many units?

what is the local indigenous material cost?

without this detail it is impossible to quote click here to see what details are required


how much per square metre to build? - click here for the explanation

we do not use this form of measurement!

there is a difference in a per square metre cost for building 4 external walls as to building 4 external walls with internal walls
the bigger the house the lower the cost

do we build? no, we are not contractors, we are a technology supplier.

do we build one unit in the back yard for granny? no
do we do extensions and alterations? no

can we use moladi to do extensions on a existing house?

moladi is geared for repetitive use and will not be cost effective as a "once off" use


who are we dealing with?

as our company information and product offering is available to you via the web, you are aware of who we are and what we do. 

it is as important for us to know who we are dealing with in order to prepare an appropriate response Therefore kindly provide us with a short brief and introduction of you/your organization function/activities and your requirements/project detail.


is e-mail the only means of communication?

a phone call can address many questions in a short time


How long will a moladi house last? 155 years long enough?

first concrete cast house


These houses have external walls of solid concrete. They were built in 1852 as part of the East Cowes Park venture, in what is now York Avenue.  Read more

concrete cast house

Properties of walls

Building with concrete offers solid, disaster resistant construction, greater comfort and security, lower energy bills, lower maintenance, as well as a home thatís healthier to live in and easier on the environment.