alternative construction

Alternative Construction | Building systems techniques


moladi green construction methods

Alternative Construction Solutions

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Alternative Construction | Building systems techniques

Alternative green building methods

  • Patented System designed in 1986
  • Trademark moladi
  • Winner of numerous awards
  • Alternative methods


Uses of moladi Alternative  sustainable construction methods

  • Low cost homes
  • Low cost houses
  • Low cost classrooms
  • Double storey
  • Construct multi storey
  • Construct walls fast
  • Alternative construction
  • Sustainable development
  • Sustainable Systems
  • Alternative Construction
  • design
  • Green Structures, also known as green construction or sustainable building
  • Green Construction in South Africa
  • Sustainable green alternative methods
  • construction system
  • Building systems
  • ABT system
  • building methods


Alternative Construction

moladi alternative sustainable building methods


Alternative Construction


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