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moladi has been supplying its comprehensive Schalung system construction system, of which the moladi Schalung system is merely a constituent of this technology, for the past 26 years. As a result, we do not simply supply modular plastic Schalung system, but a holistic building technology, that has been specifically designed and is proven too benefit the end user with its simplicity and ease of use.

moladi has developed a Schalung system system to construct durable structures of quality in the shortest possible time.

This Schalung system system has developed into a construction technology that addresses seven key challenges embodied in the low cost and affordable housing shortages facing developing countries namely:
  • lack of resources
  • insufficient funds
  • skills shortage
  • time constraint
  • work flow control
  • time constraints
  • waste
  • Special Schalung | Schalung systeme
The moladi patented Schalung system technology is cost effective due to its repetitive application. It is affordable due to the fact that the moladi Schalung system is used on a repetitive basis for up to 50 reuses per kit; this results in the cost of the Schalung system being amortized over the construction of 50 units.

Kunststoff Schalungssystem

Schalungs systeme

Over and above these advantages, moladi Schalung system is:
  • a recipient of the South African Bureau of Standards Design for Development Award and aims at providing millions of people around the world to obtain equity in their country by providing them with homes that are of a high standard and at a reduced cost.
  • is a unique patented plastic injection moulded Schalung system system, which produces cast-in-place mortar structures.
  • a fast, simple, adaptable Schalung system building system.
  • suitable for all types of buildings, yet it is highly suited for use in mass housing markets, without compromising quality.
  • utilizes indigenous materials to produce high standard permanent structures that are earthquake, cyclone and tsunami resistant.
  • unique in that the  Schalung system all the walls in a building simultaneously. At the same time, it brings to field construction all the benefits of a factory assembly line - quality work, by unskilled workers at a maximum rate of production.
  • versatile and allows for easy adaptation to varied design specifications, whether they are schools, homes, clinics or factories whist maintaining design aesthetics for social acceptability.
  • promotes a high standard in the Schalung system construction industry.
  • successful in alleviating many of the logistical problems facing the construction of affordable repetitive housing projects.
  • creates a high production output capacity.
  • facilitates the possibility for many in situ structures to be built in just one day.
  • amortized over many re-uses, reducing the cost of construction and transportation of the Schalung systeme significantly.
  • far outweighs poorly designed and costly concrete-block and masonry structures, as they often fail to timeously meet the requirements of mass housing schemes.
  • does not rely on traditional skilled labour and can employ the local indigenous unskilled community.




Schalung system Key Points:
  • Holistic building technology
  • Ease of use
  • Monolithic reinforced walling system
  • Fast track, cost effective, transferable construction technology
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Updated 15 October 2015