plastic formwork system India

Plastic Formwork System - India


moladi Patented Plastic Building Construction Formwork

Plastic Formwork System

  • Patented Building System designed in 1986
  • Trademark moladi
  • Solution to housing backlog in India
  • Deskill the construction in India
  • Speed-up construction in India
  • Reduce cost of construction in India



Plastic formwork India

moladi Patented Plastic  Formwork Technology

Plastic Formwork System - India

We are honoured to have been selected by the Smithsonian's Cooper-Hewitt, National Design Museum - Rockefeller Foundation to showcase the South African designed and patented plastic formwork system and construction technology as an innovative solution to address the unprecedented growth of informal settlements in India, creating employment, developing entrepreneurs and housing the homeless applying new innovative financial structures creating sustainable developments throughout India

plastic Formwork System India

Design with the Other 90% CITIES

plastic Formwork System

Re-usable plastic formwork system

to cast a home in a day

plastic Formwork System

moladi - Stronger than brick and mortar

Housing in India

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